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Conditions générales de vente

Voici les conditions générales de vente à lire avant toute commande en les téléchargeant sur ce lien


CGV Univers Vintage 17




5 réflexions sur "Conditions générales de vente"

  • fandemangas
    9 October 2014 13 h 41 min

    je recherche des figurines vintages.

    • Navy11production
      10 October 2014 16 h 07 min

      Bonjour, Lesquelles recherchez-vous? Merci Univers Vintage

  • william thomas
    william thomas
    15 April 2016 18 h 34 min

    Hi, do you know where I could buy a mask custom shark toy from. I got the box from you and now just wondering where I can get the custom toy from.

    5 December 2016 2 h 34 min

    Hi, I try to buy mask toys but in the space for adress there is no Mexico. What can I do to finish my command? Thanks!

    • Navy11
      5 December 2016 8 h 17 min

      Hi, Thanks for your interet. I change the parametre and now it could be ok to order from Mexique. If not, you write me with the page "Contact". Thanks

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